& Emergency Food Bank

The Community Fridge  address poverty and economic crisis while also helping to save the planet by reducing waste. We provide food and supplies to those in need, and we are committed to reducing food waste in our community.

The Community Fridge is open to all, to take and to receive food that otherwise could be wasted. We are not a Foodbank; anyone can use the Fridge. We want to save good food from being thrown away. We are supported by local shops, pubs, restaurants and hotels working in partnership to reduce food wastage. Bring your good, surplus produce and share it with others. Bring along a bag and call in see what it’s all about (stock will vary on a day to day basis depending on what surplus food we’ve been able to save. Our Community Fridge is registered with Hubbub Foundation and Buckinghamshire Council.

We are excited to announce our newest project:
‘Planet friendly & budget friendly meals’ -Cooking workshops & Cooking Club for children
Welcome to our cooking workshops that prioritise planet-friendly and budget-friendly meals. Our first step is to create a recipe book of quick and easy meals that are perfect for uncertain times and rising food prices. You can submit your recipes via email to [email protected], drop them off at our hall on Sundays from 5pm-8pm, or during craft club hours on Mondays 10am-12pm.
The recipe book will be used as the basis for our cookery workshop for adults, which will take place every Monday from 10am-1pm starting in September. During the workshop, we will focus on preparing a two-course budget-priced dinner. All ingredients will be provided based on the size of your family, and you can take the completed meal home with you.
On Fridays 4pm-6pm we will run family cookery workshops where you will be able to cook with your child and take the meal home to eat with the whole family.
Places will need to be prebooked and are completely free, all ingredients will be provided.
All are welcome!

Emergency Food Bank

We provide food and supplies to those in need, and we are committed to reducing food waste in our community.
If you are struggle and need extra support please contact us: 0844 585 2195